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Brown Ale; the perfect end of the summer beer.

Brown Ale is a great beer to finish off your summer. The medium body notes of caramel and chocolate in flavor and appearance remind us of a cool summer night sitting around the bon fire. Try this recipe from Brewtoad.


  • Steep Grain in 1.5 gal of 160-degree water for 45 minutes
  • Top off boil to 2.5 gals, heat to boil and follow hop schedule


  • Amount: 3 lb, Sparkling Amber DME, Use: Boil
  • Amount: 3 lb, Dry Malt Extract – Dark, Use: Boil
  • Amount: 2 lb, Dry Malt Extract – Light, Use: Boil
  • Amount: .5 lb, Caramel/Crystal 40L (US), Use: Mash
  • Amount: .25 lb, Caramel/Crystal 20L (US), Use: Mash
  • Amount: .25 lb, Carapils (Dextrine Malt) (US), Use: Boil
  • Amount: .1 lb, Chocolate Malt, Use: Steep
  • Amount: .1 lb, Black Malt, Use: Steep


  • Amount: 1.0 oz, Perle (US), Time: 60 min, Use: Boil
  • Amount: 1.0 oz, Cascade (NZ), Time: 20 min, Use: Boil
  • Amount: .5 oz, Willamette (US), Time: 10 min, Use: Boil
  • Amount: .5 oz, Willamette (US), Time: 1 min, Use: Boil


  • Safale US-05, Fermentis US-05

Batch & Boil

  • Batch Size: 5.0 gal
  • Boil Time: 60 min

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