Home Brewing

Hops & Barley is the ultimate destination for all your fermentation needs.

We carry a wide variety of ingredients and equipment to make great beer, wine, cider and more at home! Whether you are a new or advanced homebrewer, we provide the products and knowledge to keep those fermenters bubbling. We also offer homebrew demonstrations so you can learn hands on what it takes to make beer at home.

Here is some of what we offer-


Several varieties of homebrew ingredient kits that range from hefeweizen/wheat to pale ales and IPA, to darker beers like porters and stouts.

We carry red, white, and fruit wine kits and wine making supplies and have a big variety of reds and whites from GrandCru that we can order for you.  Just give us a ring if you have anything specific you need.

We also have carboys and fermenters, books, kegging supplies, all the chems you may need, and anything else to perfect your libation.


A wide variety of base malts, crystal/caramel malts, specialty grains, and adjuncts from brands such as Weyermann, Rahr, castle, and Simpsons.


A large selection of hops at competitive prices, many of which are hard to find. Strains from the US, England, Germany, Australia, New Zealand. From mild, earthy varieties to all the cutting edge citrus explosions, we have great hops available in 1oz oxygen purged bags. We can also order hops in bulk for you – 80z and 1lb varieties.


A wide variety of dry and liquid yeasts from White Labs, Wyeast, Safale, Lallemand, and Redstar. We have yeast for beer, wine, cider, and any other fermentation you may be concocting. We even have yeast for your higher gravity fermentations and distilling.